Chastity Bingo
ten numbered red balls
ten numbered blue balls

Do you and/or your keyholder need help deciding how long you should stay locked before being allowed to cum?

Chastity Bingo will decide for you. Just choose whether you want to be Indulgent, Strict or Extreme and press the button and the online keyholder will decide.

The mechanism is simple. There are two bags with either four (Indulgent) or ten (Strict or Extreme) numbered balls. A red ball is randomly drawn from one bag; a blue ball randomly from the other.

If the red and blue numbers match the guy who is locked can be unlocked and allowed to cum.

If they don't match then, in Strict mode, the lower of the two numbers is how much longer he must stay locked until he can have another review. In Extreme more it is the higher of the two numbers.

Indulgent gives a greater chance of cumming but a longer average lock-up extension if you're not

To play just choose an option below and click the button.

For the statistically minded the odds are given below.